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Pokemon doodles by Kimitori-J Pokemon doodles by Kimitori-J
EDIT: I am well aware I drew Lovino incorrectly. I drew him without a reference. Besides, it's close enough.

Here we go. I promised another doodle the next day. Here's something I've had in my folder recently. These are some of my Pokemon from my Nuzlocke Runs. All, except Sheldon, are from my Black and White Runs.
A little description:

Sheldon the Ramphardos: He's a jolly dinosaur who's best friends with Conan, my Bastiodon. Now Conan was my very first Pokemon to be infected with Pokerus, and thus Sheldon was infected as well (although not in my actual run). Sheldon likes playing around although Conan quickly gets tired of his antics. In my stories, Sheldon runs a daycare for baby Pokemon, thus you can see all the baby Pokemon at his feet.

Homer the Scrafty: Before you ask, he was not named after Homer Simpson. Homer is very docile, and doesn't really like to fight. He enjoys a good game of Footy though. The red thing he's kicking is a Footy, it's like Australian Football. Yes Homer is Australian.

Abi the Krookodile: Abi is a tough Pokemon. She loves a good fight and is pretty much the "big mama" of the team. She's very prideful of her strength and makes friends easily. A fun fact, Abi's ability is Moxie, strangely enough, every time her Moxie is activates she nods (you know how Krookodiles nod every once in a while) it's pretty cool. She's also good friends with Doris, Homer, and a couple of my other desert Pokemon (aka: The Desert Gang).

Doris the Excadrill: Doris is also pretty tough. She's also likes a good battle and workout. She gets rather anxious when there's nothing to do. She is often rather strict with the younger team members, but with the Desert Gang she softens up.
I realize that Doris looks green, that is because when making a brown colour, I use a green pen and an orange highlighter. My scanner just happens to like green.

Lovino the Audino: So, you're probably wondering, "Why did you catch an Audino?" I wanted to. I named in Lovino, after South Italy from Hetalia. Lovino is very docile and became a big part of my team in my White Run. Lovino is what I call "The TOP PERCENTAGE of Audinos!" He's best friends with Luccino.

Luccino the Minccino: Luccino was named after Italy and Germany from Hetalia, it's a mixture of their human names Feliciano and Ludwig. Luccino is a very carefree Pokemon, and enjoys to relax. However he's also quite the clean freak, and won't sit still if there's a mess around. He's best friends with Lovino.

Natalie the Vanillux: By far one of my favourite to draw. Natalie was named after one of my friends, who looked sweet but could be pretty creepy at times. Natalie became an instant yandere from the start, and when she evolved to a Vanillux with two heads, it was perfect. One head would always be sweet, while the other, downright creepy.

Rachael the Watchog: At first, you may have thought that Rachael was a guy. Yeah. Rachael is a soldier at heart, and never messes around. She's very strict and does not take any complains from the others. As a Patrat, Rachael received her scar from N's Purrloin, leading to a great hatred towards Purrloins, including her teammate Leo. However during the journey Rachael developed a soft spot for Leo. However their relationship came crashing down.

Leo the Liepard: Leo is a very mischievous Liepard. He's quite the gambler as well, making Assist one of his favourite moves. Leo enjoys picking one the weaker Pokemon, such as Lovino and Luccino, and even Homer when he was a Scraggy. Leo mostly enjoyed toying with Rachael's patience. Unbeknownst to Rachael, Leo fell in love with Rachael at first sight, and Leo made Rachael his target. Eventually Rachael opened up to him, and the two got together, until they had to part.

So yeah there you have it, another doodle. I'll see if I can continue uploading. I do plan on uploading a Nuzlocke comic, for my Platinum run. However, I have yet to finish the run in-game. So I'll see what I can do.
PKMNrr649 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't see why there are no comments here. These are cool sketches :)
Kimitori-J Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for saying so! :D
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